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SICL Reinsurance Brokers Limited is duly licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and a registered member of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB). As a specialist Reinsurance Broker, we bring on board a unique blend of reinsurance products tailored to our clients’ needs.​ We maintain a professional indemnity insurance cover of N750 million. The Company is supported by foreign Reinsurance Brokers.

Abstract Background

Our Competitive Edge

We at SICL Reinsurance Brokers are specialist Reinsurance Broker providing reinsurance solutions to our numerous clients; the direct insurer and the reinsurer both locally and internationally. Our edge is in Reinsurance administration claims negotiation and settlement, advising clients when it comes to choosing superior type of reinsurance programme with appropriate maintenance and acceptable capacity, ascertaining and obtaining the kind of protection and services the cedants needs at all times at competitive conditions and prices; these services include risk assessment and management, reinsurance programming and quotations for treaties, facultative reinsurance and retrocession portfolio. Putting our integrity into our business by ensuring that there is in place full Duty of disclosure of all material facts at all times.


As a specialist Reinsurance Broker, we have a Cross-border access for Reinsurance Solutions/Capacities, as we partner with other Reinsurance Brokers overseas to access foreign reinsurance market. We create peace of mind for the ceding insurer, as we put our expertise in claim processing and recovery, so that insurers can focus on the direct policyholders' needs· 

Our Focus

Our focus is to recommend the best policy that covers our Clients' needs and this is done with the full aim of;

  • Transferring risks and protect the clients balance sheet

  • Reduce earnings volatility

  • Make the clients better use of capital

Our Value Preposition

 Our value proposition is centered on three key opportunities:

Ownership Structure

SICL Reinsurance Brokers are part of a private, dynamic, and fast-growing insurance broking group in Nigeria. The company will leverage on the experience and expertise of the group and ensure we deliver top notch reinsurance support to our clientele


Our focus is on building a modern technology environment with the latest tools available to analyse data from a variety of industry sources and data providers.


We centered on professionalism, employee skills development and value-added services to our various customers. Our commitment is with the aid of our employees to have a long term relationship with our clients and developed a strong bond that will last endlessly.

Our Strengths

Experienced, Versatile and influential board

Team Spirit

Skilled and Committed workforce

Robust It

Service Experience


Financial Stability

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