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Our Services & Products

As a specialist Reinsurance Broker, we provide Professional services to our reinsurance clients including but not limited to; review of existing reinsurance arrangements and making suggestions on improvement, Portfolio analysis to support Management decisions and improve marketability / profitability, Developing Risk Management Plans for clients to protect their portfolio from extreme losses, Arranging treaty / Facultative support for clients on proportional and non-proportional basis, and Placement of business on behalf of the insurer in the local and foreign market.

Treaty Reinsurance

In Treaty Reinsurance agreements, once the terms of the contract including the categories of risks covered have been established, all policies that fall within those terms in many cases both new and existing businesses are covered, usually automatically, until the agreement is cancelled.


Under this arrangement, we are exceptionally placed to provide our clients with the best treaty programme that would support the reinsurance capacity and growth. Our specialists work hand in hand with our clients to design, negotiate price and place the most adequate reinsurance programme. 

Facultative Reinsurance

With specialist facultative staff and deep understanding of various Businesses, SICL RE provides major underwriting penetration in the facultative solutions for Oil & Gas, Aviation, Marine, Accident and Life Business. We Engage our Clients to a better understanding of the risk transfer mechanism through the facultative reinsurance space both locally and internationally.

Reinsurance Brokerage

SICL Re is a specialist Reinsurance Broker established to provide reinsurance solutions. We identify and obtain the protection a company needs at the best terms and provides a range of support services to our Cedants; these services include risk assessment and management, reinsurance programming and quotations for treaties, facultative reinsurance and retrocession portfolio.

We also arrange retrocession portfolio of reinsurers. Our pledge is to provide our customer with world class service delivery, proactive advisory service, and full coverage of all risk exposures and error-free processing of transactions.

Claims Administration

We give our clients unequalled claims services due to the fact that we have a reservoir of experience in handling reinsurance claims matter, as we review policy terms and conditions, we avoid ambiguity that might affect prompt claim settlement.

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